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Representing an ancient tradition is always great responsibility. That is why every masterpiece from DUHANIN goes through arduous process of creation. Quality is always above fuss.

Palekh speaks the language of love that everybody understands.

Born in 1924 in the village of Palekh, ancient center of Russian icon painting, the art of lacquer miniature continues in masterpieces of the DUHANIN workshop.
Compassion for Palekh art heritage culminates here in quality of every piece that bears the workshop logo.

To really appreciate sophistication and unmatched quality of the DUHANIN lacquer miniature one should explore the workshop's collections. Since Palekh is so unique and multifaceted, DUHANIN closely cooperate with both local museum and prominent independent artists.

DUHANIN workshop sits in the center of ancient Russian village of Palekh. It took more than a year to restore from pieces a private house originally built in 1900. Today, workshop is a home to many talented masters.